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Filer's Benefits in Pakistan

Benefits of Becoming a Tax Filer in Pakistan

Filer's Benefits in Pakistan

Filer benefits in Pakistan are numerous. It is mandatory to file your Income Tax Return. All individuals, firms and companies that file their Income Tax Returns as Active Taxpayers are eligible to receive all the benefits of different sectors in Pakistan.

These are just a few of the many benefits of becoming a Tax Filer in Pakistan. This gives you a clear picture of what an Individual, Firm and Company get from becoming a Pakistani Tax Filer.

Tax Filer’s Benefits in Pakistan

  • Fewer Taxes in Buying/Selling/Transfer of Immovable Property.
  • Less Taxes on Registration/Transfer/Token of Motor Vehicles.
  • There are fewer taxes on cash withdrawals from banks.
  • There are no taxes on the issuance of banking instruments (Cheques, Pay Order, Demand Drafts, etc.) and money transfer.
  • Lower taxes on bank profits / Saving certificates / Dividends/ Commission / Prize bonds winning etc.
  • Providers of professional services pay less tax
  • Banks offer preference for loan eligibility
  • Eligibility to receive government tenders and registration on corporate panels
  • Processing Visa Applications: Easy Income Assessment
  • Avoidance of Audit and Penalty Rs. Non-filing Income Tax Returns
  • Pakistan Tax Filer: Claim Refund/adjustment Of Followings During Filing Income Tax Return
  • Section 231: Cash withdrawal from Bank
  • Advance Tax on the sale/transfer of immovable property as per the section 236 C.
  • Advance Tax on Functions and Gatherings Under Section 236D
  • Under section 236 I, Educational Institutions can collect Advance Tax
  • Advance Tax on Immovable Property Purchases under Section 236K
  • Income Tax/ Withholding tax on purchase, registration, transfer and token of motor vehicles under section 234
  • Section 235A: Advance Tax on Domestic Electricity Consumption
  • Advance Tax on International Air Ticket Under Section 236L
  • Advance Tax on Bank Transactions Other Than Cash Under Section 236P
  • Mobile Phone Bills subject to section 236(1)(a), are subject to withholding tax
  • Section 236: Withholding Tax on Telephone Landline Bills
  • Advance Tax on Air Ticket Purchases under Section 236B

Please note that taxpayers who file their Income Tax Return or Assets Statement for the first time will not be considered filers until they have filed the tax return on or before the final date of tax filing. If the Taxpayer requires immediate status as an Active Taxpayer or Filer, he must submit the Income Tax Return and Wealth Statement from the preceding year along with the Rs. 1,000 as surcharch for ATL (Active Taxpayer’s List).

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