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PEC Pakistan - The Contractor's Firm Registration Process

PEC Pakistan - Information about Firm Registration Procedure

The PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council) is a Federal Government organization that regulates engineering practice in the country. It is an apex body that grants registration to engineering professionals and firms and regulates their activities to ensure safety and competence.

PEC Registration

Registration with PEC PAKISTAN is Mandatory

Registration with PEC PAKISTAN is mandatory for all professionals and firms before they can work on government projects, as well as those related to private commercial institutions or residential dwellings.

Who can apply for Registration with PEC Pakistan?

  • You are a citizen of Pakistan and either 18 years old or older, OR You are best friends with a Pakistani citizen who is 18 years old or older.
  • You want to register your firm or company in the PEC PAKISTAN database (in other words, you want to be able to do contracting work in Pakistan).
  • You understand that your registration will need to be renewed on an annual basis. This can be done online, but you’ll need to pay a renewal fee.

Process of PEC Pakistan Registration: Overview

The procedure of PEC PAKISTAN registration is the following:

  • Submission of application
  • Interview and site visit
  • Verification of credentials
  • Issuance of PEC PAKISTAN registration certificate

Submission of Application to PEC Pakistan Office

After completing the registration form and submitting all the required documents, you should also make sure that you pay the registration fee. In order to complete the process, you’ll need to pay your fee through a bank challan. The official website has a list of banks that help with this payment method.

When paying through bank challan, remember to get signed copies from both sides of your completed challan.

The important thing to keep in mind is that documents have to be submitted within 30 days from payment of fees if applying online (you can mail them if applying manually), and the final decision will be made within 15 days from submission.

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Interview and Site Visit

In the second phase, a PEC PAKISTAN team will come to your office for the verification of documents and an interview with the applicant. In this phase, they will also conduct a site visit to verify the physical infrastructure and ensure that it is adequate to support the scope of work.

Verification of Credentials

Credentials verification is the last step of the registration process. Your credentials will be verified at this stage and if you fulfill all requirements, you will be issued a PEC PAKISTAN Registration Certificate.

If, however, you do not fulfill all requirements, you will be asked to make changes and reapply.

Issuance of PEC Pakistan Registration Certificate

PEC Pakistan will issue a Contractor Registration Certificate to the eligible applicant after verification of his credentials, and he’ll be required to renew his registration annually.

The Authority may also register the foreign contractors in a special category, provided they apply through their respective missions in Pakistan and the application is forwarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Applications received directly from foreign contractors won’t be entertained.