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PSW | PSW Registration | PSW Registration Process What is Pakistan Single Window (PSW)?

In order to fulfil import, export, and transit-related regulatory requirements, the PSW is an integrated online platform that allows parties involved in trade and transport to upload standardized information and documents.

The Pakistan Single Window, abbreviated to PSW, provided by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and Pakistan Customs, is an online platform for importers, exporters and clearing agents for the purpose of clearing goods. Additionally, PSW allows you to keep tabs on imports and exports. More precisely, PSW assists importers and exporters with the management of their cargo. It is also useful for custom officers. PSW is available entirely online. As a result, it facilitates smooth operations.

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WeBOC was the first version of the system proposed by Pakistan Customs in 2012. It has been designed and developed according to the requirements and vision of Pakistan Customs. The organization was looking for paperless operations, end-to-end integration, quick turn-around time, 24/7 service, automation, simplified procedures, better controls, electronic filing, physical interaction with the trader and Customs authorities, a good information management system, e-gates, and single-window operations to be more efficient.

Accordingly, the goal was to comply with international trade facilitation agreements and to develop the Customs system in accordance with international standards. The system integrates clearing agents, traders, brokers, terminal operators, cargo handlers, shipping agents, bonded carriers, warehouses, airlines, and customs officials to clear consignments in real time.

With the latest version of the system called PSW, pre-approved banking profiles of the trader are used in accordance with due diligence by the banks. The trader will not have to approach the bank for approval every time as long as the transaction remains within the parameters of the bank.

A trader whose profile is approved by the bank can conduct uninterrupted trade transactions without further referral from the bank once he or she is registered.

To conduct trade transactions in PSW, a trader will have to register on the PSW website


WeBoc is being replaced by Pakistan Single Window (PSW), and all trade transactions will be conducted in PSW by all stakeholders, including customers (Importers and Exporters), banks, customs, and the SBP. In the first instance, all trade customers are required to register themselves with PSW.

It is advised that all branches make sure their trade customers register as soon as possible on PSW. Trade customers are required to enter their correct email address, IBAN number, mobile number, and NTN number when registering their profile. Please note that the information provided to PSW by customers must match the information maintained by the banks. PSW will not update the profile of a customer whose profile is mismatched, since PSW is integrated with the bank’s core system.

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Note that customers will receive correspondence via email as per their bank profile, and this must also be the case in PSW. Furthermore, customers’ mobile numbers must be communicated with PSW since they will receive One Time Passwords (OTP) on the mobile number given by the bank and same in PSW. In order to upload the customer’s request in PSW and to submit it to the customer’s bank, the NTN will be utilized.

It is also clarified that customers who maintain accounts with multiple banks can register profiles for each bank separately, but the data in the PSW profile must match the record created by the bank for which the profile is being generated.

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