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40 Small Business Ideas in Pakistan with NO Investment or a Little Investment


Pakistan is not at an advantage in terms of employment, so most of our youth are turning to entrepreneurship to make their own business.

According to the report of the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) reported that over 31 percent of Pakistan’s youth are currently unemployed and of this figure, 51 percent are females, while 16 percent are males, with many of them holding professional degrees.

Here are some ideas for low-cost, small businesses you can start in Pakistan and may prove highly profitable in the long run!.

40 Small Business Ideas in Pakistan with NO Investment or a Little Investment

Business Ideas in Pakistan with Small Investment

If you plan to start a home business in Pakistan in 2022, here are some great ideas to get you started.

1. Content Writing – An Investment Free Business Idea

The only thing you need to get started is a laptop with internet access or a pen and paper. Make sure you have good writing skills. You do not need to invest money to get started. You can consider taking this job as a part-time job or as a full-time job.

There will always be some kind of slow progress in this type of business, but it typically proves to be profitable in the long term. Interestingly, Pakistani women have increasingly been taking up this type of business seriously in recent years as this allows them to earn an income from the comfort of their homes and support their families.

2. Blogging and Social Media Marketing

Growing your company through blogging is one of the easiest and most effective ways to do so. It is worthwhile considering setting up a blog if you are looking for an inexpensive way to establish yourself as a thought leader. Blogging has many advantages, including the fact that you do not need any previous experience or specialized skills-you just need something to write about!

First things first: where do you even begin? The best way to begin is by choosing a topic and writing down ideas related to it. Then make an outline so that whenever you sit down to write, you just need to fill in the blanks. Having an outline will also prevent writer’s block!

However, if you are not talented in creating content, then fear not since there are multiple ways you can make money with blogging other than writing articles yourself (we’re not talking about WordPress plugins). Examples include:

  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Paid Posts/Advertising/Sponsorship

3. Freelancing:

Rather than being an employee of one company, a freelancer works for a variety of companies on a contract basis. A freelancer is often viewed as being self-employed and can choose which projects and companies they would like to be involved in.          


In recent years, it has proved to be the most successful small investment business in Pakistan. In particular, it assists in the empowerment and employment of women.

4. Graphic Designing:

Graph designers work with information from a person and create visually appealing visual content based on that information. The graphic designer is responsible for creating many things that you come across and use on a daily basis. There are many categories within branding, such as books, magazines, apps, websites, adverts, packaging, logos, badges, maps, and advertisements.

Having a career as a graphic designer does not entail just designing logos, books, and brand packaging. There are several types of artists, such as painters, motion designers, or concept artists. Online courses can be taken to learn these skills for free or at a reasonable cost.

If you manage to work from your home, you can be a freelance graphic designer. Besides that, you’ll get to work with some great people in your career while maintaining the flexibility you need to thrive with this company. In order to succeed as a self-employed graphic designer in Pakistan, you must be able to multitask. To become a freelance graphic designer, you can apply on different freelance websites and work remotely.

5. Real Estates Business:

There are some excellent investment opportunities in Pakistan property markets.

When a person purchases a house or property, especially a piece of land, they often leave it for a long time. When a property is left for a long time, its value will increase. Most of the real estate investments in Pakistan are residential and commercial, but there are other types of investments, too. The price of the property should be checked on an ongoing basis, so you can sell it when it is at its highest. This will ensure you make the most money.

One of the reasons real estate makes a good investment is that you own the property outright, and also, most importantly, the land usually increases in value. You can also expect healthy returns on investment. We suggest you read Real estate vs stocks- where to invest if you have trouble deciding between real estate and stocks.

6. Poultry Farming: 

As part of the Agriculture Industry in Pakistan, poultry has become a prominent segment.

Over the past three decades, poultry farming has transformed into a techno-commercial industry. Poultry farming is now the most rapidly growing sector of agriculture and agriculture-related businesses.

Whether or not a business plan is feasible depends on financial and technical feasibility.

7. Tutoring Services

In Pakistan, teaching is becoming one of the most lucrative small business ideas. You can tutor students if you have bachelor’s or master’s degrees and are well versed in certain subjects. Additionally, you can teach online with Skype and earn money from home.

Hafiz Quran can teach online Quran, Nazra Tutorials, and lessons to students within the country or outside the country via the internet.

8. Small Business SEO Consultancy in Pakistan

This business is one of the best small business ideas and growing businesses in Pakistan that can be started at a very low cost. Among the new small business ideas for students in Pakistan, it is one of the most popular. Do not worry if you do not have the funds to start an office. You can work from home.

To You need your own website and portfolio to secure clients if you want to start this successful small business in Pakistan. Additionally, you will need to update your SEO skills since it is a broad niche.

9. Providing social media consulting

Another profitable business idea in Pakistan is social media consulting, which does not require much investment. You should be proficient in social media in order to start this business. These businesses include:

  • A modern advertising campaign
  • Establishing relationships
  • Targeted traffic and ROI
  • Web content management
  • Marketing strategy for social media
  • Provide personalized service

10. Create Your Own YouTube Channel

If If you’re interested in starting a home-based business in Pakistan, consider this idea. Even though the idea is not a new one, it is unique, useful, and implementable.

Today, people consume videos for a variety of reasons, such as learning, increasing knowledge, or even just for entertainment. Therefore, internet users prefer to watch videos instead of reading lengthy content. Create your own YouTube channel and earn money from your AdSense-hosted account for free.

If Making eye-catching YouTube videos requires you to buy video editing software if you want your channel to become a brand.

I can share with you some YouTube channel ideas such as:

  • A channel dedicated to cooking at home
  • Watch entertainment vlogs
  • Channels for news
  • Review Channels (share your reviews and feedback on songs, movies & games)
  • Reviews for mobile phones
  • Plus much more.

11. Web Development and Designing Services

Web development services are available in Pakistan. It is also possible to offer your services overseas through freelance sites. Additional services that you can provide include:

  • Customizing WordPress websites and making them look great
  • Providing services in different programming languages, such as PHP, JAVA, C++,, or .Net
  • Developing, customizing,g, and maintaining software

If You will not need any sort of significant investment to start this business in Pakistan from home. When you launch your startup professionally, you will need an office to conduct business. To set up an office, you will need to allocate some funds.

12. One Dollar Shop

Another great startup idea is being employed in Pakistan in various cities, especially Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Karachi, and Lahore.

A few people in less populated areas of the country are also considering and implementing these business ideas in order to earn enough money from them.

In addition to the fact that buyers can purchase any product with a price under one dollar, or equivalent to Pak Rupees, is also very good. By getting started in this business, you can generate a lot of income.

13. Solar Energy

You’d agree with me that investing in the energy sector of Pakistan has become a daunting task for modest investors. Since the oil and gas industry is so volatile and monopolized, new investors who intend to go into this business are often discouraged.

Why should you switch to solar energy?

Two reasons lead me to strongly recommend investing in the solar energy sector: First, it requires a relatively small space and limited infrastructure, while second, equipment and machinery are readily available at very reasonable costs. That’s why it is the best idea for small businessmen to start.

14. Organic Farming

As a result of social media and electronic media, we are now aware of the disgraceful face of traditional agriculture, which uses unconventional and hazardous methods to increase production.

The organic agriculture industry has undergone a radical shift over the past few years. A recent report says that nearly 33% of farmers in the country are already practicing organic agriculture.

By importing high-quality seeds, introducing technology to the sector, and maintaining standard cultivation practices, it is high time to finance the industry. Either you own the business or you finance the growers.

15. Beauty Salon 

Whether it be a beauty salon or beauty parlor, they provide clients with products and services that help enhance their physical appearance and their mental peace of mind. This is one of the most trending business ideas in the retail sector related to beauty products. The right location, efficient manpower, and proper sales promotion activities are all important for starting this type of business. 

16. E-commerce Stores


E-commerce has become a part of traditional retail businesses and is now converting them into e-commerce websites. It is an excellent business option due to its low inventory costs, convenience, and wide scope.

You can target a lot of potential customers from the comfort of your own home. It only takes a good website, a clever marketing plan, and an exceptional product or service to succeed. The use of e-commerce sites has helped millions of people sell products and services. Clothing, shoes, jewelry, books, electronics, and so on are some examples.

The people who sell things online are making a good income every month. You can sell your things online using Instagram and Facebook if you cannot afford a website at this time.

17. Online Boutique

Clothing is a very profitable business in Pakistan thanks to the low costs of fabrics and the relatively high demand. If you are inspired by fashionable clothing, it will be a fun challenge to turn your passion into your own brand.

You can too hire a tailor to make clothes for you to stitch and also to make clothes that are designed by students. Online sales and physical shops are both options you have for selling your clothes. The price of a pret piece starts at Rs. 1000 and goes up from there.

18. Photography 

There are lots of ways to earn money through this, but this is one of the most exciting and creative. It doesn’t matter if you are using a compact or DSLR camera, as long as you have the knack for art and creativity. Take your camera, go on a relaxing walk, take lots of high-quality pictures and create your own online portfolio.

You should create your portfolio and let other people around you know what your prices and services are. As a wedding photographer, you may be asked to photograph parties, graduations, bridal showers, and weddings as well.

Providing that you are committed to this profession and can deliver good pictures, photography will for sure give me a good financial return.

19. Medical Store

If you are a chemist or have years of experience as a pharmacist, you would fit right in with the medical store business opportunity. I believe in this business environment, there are so many other options available to the trader instead of just selling medicines. The increase in demand for medicine and related health care products and supplements will only enhance the market for these items.

  1. Soap Making

Handmade soaps, preferably organic as well as cruelty-free soaps, are very popular among people. Each handmade soap can be sold for a fair price, usually ranging from Rs.400 to Rs.1000, although sometimes it can even go higher.

In addition, you will only need minimal equipment to start your soap making business. Various flavors, scents, and ingredients allow you to play with your creativity, so this is a business that completely depends on your skills.

You can sell your soaps to friends and family members if you package them in cute packaging. It depends on your preferences and the scope of your business whether you sell your products online. 

21. Restaurants and Cafes

It may not be the biggest restaurant and bar company in Pakistan, but I would consider it to be a very flourishing company.

Despite a large number of restaurants and cafés in Pakistan, the demand for food and gatherings is still too high despite the fact that there are many of them. It would be best to have some investment for this business and open your own restaurant that would provide food from local sources and fast-food as well. If you raise your investment, then you can also offer international cuisines, like Chinese, American, Italian, Thai, and Thai flavors.

22. Online Book Publishing 

Book publishing was traditionally confined to a particular place or region, but now if you are capable enough then you can earn great wealth in this No Investment business in Pakistan. As you can write books on the Internet, publish them online, and profits can be made!

24. Tourism Agency:

It is with much pleasure to announce that Pakistan is now opening its doors to tourism. As pak-china corridor will increase the ratio of tourism tremendously, you may find that this small investment may be your best business of 2022 as the tourists will almost certainly require guides to accompany them as the language barrier between the two countries will prevent them from communicating correctly. Thus it is the right time to as Pak-China Corridor will increase the ratio of tourism tremendously, a successful business could prove to be the best investment of 2022 as the tourists will surely require guides in order to make the most out of their visit.

25. Mobile And Accessories:

Nowadays, one may even skip a meal just to afford a mobile phone. As a result, almost every citizen of Pakistan, regardless of the class to which they belong, has access to their own mobile phone. And the age limit for owning a mobile phone is also going down by the day. Today, mobile phone business opportunities can prove to be the best business in Pakistan for the next decade and beyond. The investment company will surely pay off even though it might fall under the category of investments for approximately 5 lac rupees in Pakistan.

26. Personal Training:

Personal trainers have specialized knowledge in nutrition, training techniques, endurance training, and judging the limits of exercises.

Motivation and help achieving goals can be found in a personal trainer.

A person who is skilled in something or a professional at doing something. Get cash! Become a personal trainer, dietitian, chief, or a karate master, or do anything that you find yourself good at and can train someone in personally. There are tons of opportunities in Pakistan to invest your time into.

27. Driving Centre:

There has been a decrease in Pakistan’s dependency rate. Each person nowadays needs to be able to drive a vehicle if he/she does not rely on another factor for transportation. That is why investing in a driving course or driving school will be a worthwhile investment. The only thing you need is an insured car to drive and a good driving skill!

28. Photo and Video Editing

You can work online with any video or photo editing software you know, such as Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro CC, or you can work as an editor alongside a photographer or videographer.

29.  Online Teaching

These days, online teaching is also becoming more popular, so people prefer to find good teachers over the internet. If you are a good teacher, you should try this option. The idea of running a business online is appealing to some Pakistani women.

30. Selling Products online 

In my opinion, this is one of the most creative business ideas for women, because it offers a lot of potential to growing companies. If you have such guts as to design and make the kinds of things like handbags, jewelry, and other items like this, you should think about selling your products online as well. Starting an online business can offer a greater number of benefits than any other method of running a business.

31. Food Supplies

In Pakistan, there is a thriving food industry. Despite the fact that many people travel from city to city seeking work, education, and business opportunities, there are still occasions where they are unable to find hygienic food during their journey. In my opinion, this is one of the best business ideas for housewives. To devise a solution according to your resources, look around the regions you live in to discover the gaps in the food industry. Starting with your own small home kitchen is the easiest solution to this. You can start it in your own small kitchen.

By visiting a few offices and hostels where some people will be interested in ordering from your healthy menu or you can start by preparing one dish to maintain focus. It requires you to be an expert in making local cuisines with fantastic taste. When you deliver food with quality and punctuality, you will get regular customers. You can offer such a facility to your neighbors if you have an extra room in your house.

32. Hair Salon

The basic requirement to become a great hair salon owner is that you have a sense of style and a proper understanding of the art and science of hair cutting.

You can start it at home as a home-based business with minimal financial investment. You will now worry about the paying expenses of commercial space, billing, taxes, etc.

33. Fast Food Spot

There is no doubt that Pakistani food is famous around the world. The food culture of Pakistan is not only diverse, but is dynamic and extensive as well.  Food business is likely to be one of the best businesses in Pakistan. It is also in high demand. If you could install a small spot in any You need to work in corner area of the market or anywhere in the bazaar in order to generate enough income from your work in order to be satisfied. A few of the places that are famous for their food include:

  • Burger spot,
  • Samosa/Samosa Chat spot,
  • Shawarma spot,
  • Biryani spot,
  • And also Juice corners, etc 

All these business ideas for low investment in Pakistan are related to food. If you can maintain “Quality, Cleanliness, and Your Customers”, then you’re ready.

34. Ads Agency

In these days, there is no doubt in the fact that most people are active on social media.

No matter which social media site you use, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, the statistics of average consumption are similar. 

You can start Ads agencies by helping  new businesses become reputable brands by publically promoting them offline. No previous experience or training is required to start an advertising agency. A good amount of startup capital may be needed.

  1. 35. Dairy Business

In There are many small business ideas in Pakistan which are also profitable, and starting a dairy business in Pakistan is also on the list.

It would be wise for you to invest in dairy products since they are highly demanded by Pakistani consumers. If you want to start this business at a low scale, you will have to purchase a few goats or cows and supply milk and dairy products to the final users.

36. Ride Sharing

Ridesharing services have been launched in major cities of Pakistan i.e Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, etc. Top companies which provide these services are Uber, Careem, Byka, etc. To start this kind of business you need to know the skill of driving a car and bike. You should be the owner of the car and if you have no car or bike simply rent from someone or a rental agency. Register with one  of the service-providing companies and start the business. It depends on you how many hours a day you ride. The more you ride the more money you will earn.

37. E-learning Websites:

With the digital revolution, e-learning has become more popular than ever. Most people want to learn from home, which is why e-learning has become more popular than ever. Some popular sites that offer these services include Coursera, Khan Academy, Udemy, etc. 

You can also create your own e-learning website if you are able to provide these services, such as courses, ebooks, and other educational materials. Students can buy these services from your websites; this way, you can earn enough money through this type of business from their purchases. 

38. Auto spare parts

It is a fact that the majority of Pakistani people come from low-income families. This means that the majority of Pakistani people own second-hand cars. It is generally accepted that second-hand automobiles are not of the same quality as new ones. To ensure proper maintenance, spare parts might be required from time to time. In order to get into the spare parts business, you can set up a store for them. Besides, you should also create a website to sell your products online in order to grow your business. Additionally, if you don’t want to create a website, simply use social media platforms to share your business. 

39. Fish Farming

Just like other IT businesses and agricultural businesses in Pakistan Fish farming is also a booming business in Pakistan. With a very low amount of investment you can start this kind of business and can make a reasonable profit from them. To start this business you need to locate the proper location and quality of water. Large tanks or enclosures will be needed for this kind of business.

40. Honey Production

Just like the aforementioned business Honey Production Business is also a profitable business in Pakistan. Pakistan is producing high quality and large quantities of  Honey to the world. 

So this is the oppurtunities for those who cannot afford to start large scale business and rely on small business want. For starting this kind of business you need spend some days with the honey producer/Bee keeper  experts to know about the job. 

At the begining it will be difficult but later it will become an easy job for you and you will become master in this .


Decide on your idea, act, and begin your business.

Now that you’ve got the basics things, you can start. Always remember that there are no shortcuts to success. If you wish to establish a successful business, you will have to work hard and make sacrifices.

Imagine a small idea that you can manage by yourself or with the help of a small team of workers. some businesses you can start yourself alone and some require a team. Do not worry about it-just try something else while you wait. And if that doesn’t work out, no problem! We all know that there is a possibility that some of your businesses will fail (we have all been there), but if you keep trying and keep learning from every failure, eventually one can take off!

In fact, as soon as you’ve decided on the idea for your venture and you’ve investigated how much money other companies in this industry are making, you should initiate a plan to gain traction as quickly as possible. What steps should you take first? How much money will I need? How many hours should my team spend working each week? It’s important to answer all these questions now so there are no surprises when things get tough during the first few months of operation (which always happens). It is also essential to take care of those who depend on you financially/emotionally, such as your spouse, partner, family member, or friend, whom you can turn to for support during those times when things are not going well financially due to loss in revenue streams due to less sales activity…

We hope this article will help you and save time for what you searching for.